The 10th Balitic Transport Forum was held in Kaliningrad on 6-7 September 2018. The forum traditionally provides a platform for the discussion of issues related to the logistical and transport system of the Baltic countries.

Olga Gopkalo, senior specialist at Morstroytechnology, gave a presentation entitled «Transit as a stimulus for the development of new port projects on the Russian Baltic».

Over the past decade, the total freight-handling capacity of Russian ports has increased more than twofold, from 455 to 1025 million tonnes.

The Russian government has set out on a path to re-direct Russian cargo flows from the Baltic States to domestic ports. Since 2011, goods transit through foreign Baltic ports has reduced by half  – from 69,6 to 36,7 million tonnes – but has not ceased altogether.

The remaining transit flow through the Baltic States ports is an important stimulus for the development of the Russian ports sector. For many types of freight there are no Russian terminals available, and this deficit of infrastructure provides potential for the development of new port projects.

The presentation included a survey of those areas within the port sector for which new terminals are being built or planned.

The presentation can be found HERE, and the main points of the speech can be found HERE.

Baltic Transport Forum. Olga Gopkalo presenting.