Expert assessment is a supplementary measure intended to gurantee the efficiency and safety of any construction project. Depending on the complexity of the project, the documentation can be assessed by a range of expert organisations, including private companies.

In the instance of constructing large and complex port infrastructure facilities, the law requires that the project documentation undergoes the most complex of all expert assessment procedures in Russia – State expert assessment of project documentation.

Every year, Morstroytechnology receives 6-8 approvals from Glavgosexpertiza – at any given time, at least one of our projects is going through the expert assessment process. We have a very thorough understanding of how best to substantiate a design solution, and how best to prove that such a solution is both necessary and sufficient in each instance. Our specialists are in constant contact with the experts at Glavgosexpertiza, we know them personally and fully understand their requirements and the logic behind them. Gaining expert approval from state assessors is never simple or easy, but our long experience and good reputation enable us to achieve this objective within the required timeframe, and obtain the result that our client needs.

There are few operators in the engineering design sector with such a longstanding and positive experience of expert assessment. We are not claiming to be the only design organisation of our kind, but for the vast majority of companies our profile of expertise is a very rare occurrence.