Decisions related to the development and operation of transport infrastructure can sometimes be of great significance to an entire business or project.

Whether it be a decision to invest in a new project or a choice of development path for an existing logistics asset, deciding the optimal transport route for export of a product, or some more local objective, such as for defining the characteristics of a fleet or rolling stock, any errors can be very costly indeed.

We can help reduce uncertainty, presenting our expert assessment, arguments and calculations to allow the client to reach a justified and balanced decision.

With our large staff of technical specialists from many disciplines, well-versed in the sector as a whole and the peculiarities of the transport segment in various regions across Russia (not only maritime, road and rail transport, but hydrotransport as well), we know how to resolve complex tasks which demand a pooling of the expertise and effort of a range of specialists.

Relying on our long track record of design engineering and our industry knowledge, Morstroytechnology helps our clients to implement their projects as effectively as possible.