Drawing up the sections “Construction management brief” and “Estimate for construction of capital construction objects” is mandatory only for capital construction objects financed either wholly or partially from relevant budgets. In all other cases it is up to the client as to which sections are filled in and how, and this information is shown in the design brief.

Morstroytechnology’s specialists have in-depth experience of drafting estimate documentation and construction management briefs, and similarly extensive experience in justifying the solutions reached both to the client and to the state approval bodies.

Our specialists also work on drafting regulatory and pricing documents, in particular the base pricing directory for maritime transport construction projects.

We can put together cost estimates for all types of construction work and for design engineering, and can collaborate on all levels with companies engaged in design engineering, construction and other areas, in particular:

1. Drafting cost estimates;

2. Drawing up construction management briefs;

3. Preparing closing documentation for work completed according to form KC-2 and documents according to form KC-3;

4. Evaluation and expert assessment of construction estimates;

5. Consulting services.