We know that the main objective in designing a port, terminal or logistics complex is to lay the foundations for the successful functioning of that facility, both from a technical and commercial point of view.

We also know that it is at the design stage that the operator’s cost-structure, as well as their ability to provide cargo-handling services of the required quality, is determined. Only a terminal that has been designed and constructed from the outset in accordance with the demands of the market in terms of vessel size, handling rates and freight storage will prove be efficient and competitive in practice.

Because the level of investment involved in transport infrastructure is so high, particularly when it comes to port and hydrotechnical facilities, it is vital that the most effective solutions in terms of the terminal’s masterplan, road and railaccess, technical equipment and hydrotechnical installations are developed at the design stage. This work must also take into account a vast number of diverse factors, relating to everything from the environment to town-planning, from economic to legal, from logistics to local geography.

In today’s world, the demands placed upon the feasibility and quality of design solutions are becoming ever larger. We work closely with our regular clients operating ports and terminals, we understand their needs, their demands and the issues they face, and we can use this knowledge when designing new projects. Aside from our experienced design engineers, we also employ experts with longstanding practical experience of working in sea-ports, people who have risen from the level of regular employee to senior management.

In this way, as a contractor Morstroytechnology looks at its design brief from the outset through the eyes of the client, selecting proven economic and technical solutions which will ensure the successful implementation of the project, and the trouble-free operation of the facility.