Cargo handling at sea-ports across Russia is growing by the year, chiefly as a result of an increase in exports. The most active growth in recent years has been in the export of coal and mineral fertilizer.

Maintaining this export growth places demands on port capacity, and bringing on-stream new, efficient specialized ports.

Morstroytechnology has designed and engineered a large number of bulk terminals, some of which are already operational, others still at the project stage: this list includes the Baltic Bulk Terminal at St Petersburg, the VaninoTransUgol coal terminal complex in the bay of Muchke, the new Sukhodol coal port in the Primorsk region in Russia’s Far East, the Lavna coal transshipment terminal at the port of Murmansk, the Radzhin coal terminal in North Korea, the EvroKhim fertilizer terminal at Ust-Luga, and many more.

We have experience in working with all types of bulk cargo (coal, iron ore, fertilizers, grain, mineral construction materials etc.), and we know which technologies, and what equipment to specify to guarantee safe and efficient transport and handling.

When developing concepts and carrying out optimization work on terminals, we analyze the operations of existing terminal facilities. This enables us to adopt solutions that have been distilled through many years of experience and previous false steps in design and operation. We have learnt the art of learning from the mistakes of others.