There has been a real construction boom in passenger sea-terminals in Russia over the past few years, with St Petersburg’s Marine Façade being among the first to be built.

Morstroytechnology has been involved in many such projects, the largest and most significant of which was the Olympic cruise terminal in Sochi, which continues to operate successfully following the games.

Another project was the combined cruise, passenger and freight terminal in the city of Pionerski in the Kaliningrad region. The regional government’s original idea had been to build a terminal for cruise ships as a way to increase tourist-appeal, but as a result of thorough research work undertaken, commercial aspects were added to the project so that the terminal could operate more effectively. The facility also provides a reliable sea-ferry route between the Kaliningrad enclave and the rest of Russia.

Morstroytechnology’s portfolio includes a wide range of projects – and not only large ones, but smaller facilities as well, including a terminal on the Komandorsky islands, and reconstruction work to the far piers at the port of Murmansk.

These kinds of projects, cost-effective yet at the same time incorporating state-of-the-art ideas, enable an increase in tourist numbers and drive the development of Russia’s regions.

We understand very well the particular demands of these ports: they must have the capacity to receive thousands of passengers at a time, many of whom are from abroad, and there must be facilities for customs and passport control, which must be carried out quickly and with maximum convenience for all involved.

Apart from anything else, the main port building must be attractive and user-friendly, with sufficient road-access and parking capacity, and well-organised public and private transport arrangements.

There are other factors which are no less important, and are well understood by the specialists at Morstroytechnology. Potential clients can be assured that their passenger ports will have no less appeal for their guests than the cruise centre at Sochi.