Once the placement of the hydrotechnical installations has been decided, together with their overall dimensions and the depths required alongside them, the hydrotechnical design engineers can start on their part of the project.

This is a crucially important stage, as the hydrotechnical facilities (which could be a quay or wharf, an artificial area of land, a reinforced embankment, a sea-defence or even the port basin itself) are invariably the most costly part of any maritime or river terminal.

The following conditions all have to be taken into account: soils and subsoils, depths, wind-, wave- and ice-loads and many other natural factors.

The decisions taken at this stage define the future construction of the port, and the cost of construction will depend largely upon the correctness and ingenuity of these decisions.

Protective and sea-defence installations are built to last centuries, and so for many years in Russia practically no new structures of this type have been built. Morstroytechnology’s specialists have relevant experience in constructing new defence structures in Sochi, Mzymta, Kaliningrad, Gelendzhyk and Novorossiisk. Experience of this kind is especially valuable.