Morstroytechnology specializes in engineering design for transport infrastructure facilities, particularly sea-ports and terminals for a range of applications, as well as other kinds of complex hydrotechnical facilities.

The company possesses all the necessary permits, licences and accreditations to design, engineer and construct unique, complex and safety-critical installations.

Mostroytechnology’s well-resourced analytical department, which carries out a vast range of research in the transport sector, can answer any questions the client may have, thereby removing the uncertainty factor in taking strategic corporate decisions.

The company also has its own research and testing centre, meaning that we can conduct all our design research and testing, including underwater trials, in-house.

Our extensive experience, with dozens of projects designed, constructed and put in service, is testament to our ability to resolve any challenge for our clients, from concept to completion.

Once the client has a clear objective, for example, to construct or re-construct a specific facility with known parameters and location, we can take on the project and carry it through to completion. Morstroytechnology’s specialists will undertake any and all work required, from initial design studies to technical and design supervision of the final construction work.

Sometimes the situation is more complicated – the client may be in a position of uncertainty, where many of the project’s characteristics remain unclear. For instance, when building a freight terminal, the optimum site position accounting for cargo-flows and areas of insufficient freight-handling capacity may not be known. Or the opposite may occur, whereby the cargo-flow is a known quantity, but not the best route along which to send it. In these circumstances, we can look into the issues, assess the situation, and give thorough and painstakingly researched consultation.

We can also study freight markets and make an assessment of the competitive position of the client and their port or terminal: we will analyse what competitors are offering and what the market requires, identify any possible weak points in the project and make a judgment on precisely what needs to be done to ensure its success. Our track record includes many cases where we have been able to help our clients avoid nasty surprises with serious financial consequences.