If the ideas and concepts incorporated within a project are to be realised exactly in the way envisaged by the client, then you need design supervision. This means that our specialists are present on the ground throughout the construction phase to check the quality of the work being carried out, and how closely it corresponds to the working documentation, to take delivery of key structures, and to observe work on areas which will be sealed off during the construction process.

The value of involving design engineers in the construction process cannot be overestimated. It often happens that, for any number of reasons, the construction contractor cannot meet the demands of the project, or fully implement the design solutions therein. In these cases, only the design engineer can properly evaluate the alternative solution proposed, and make a judgment as to whether or not it is acceptable.

As a rule, design supervision carries on for the entire period of construction and launch of operations, and longer if necessary – up to the end of the facility’s initial operational phase.