As a result of the design process, a set of documents is produced which comprehensively and exhaustively describes all the significant parameters of the planned infrastructure facility or terminal.

The number and content of the sections within project documentation varies for production-related and non-production-related capital construction objects, and for standard-design capital construction objects. For the former, 12 sections are required, for the latter – 10.

Designing a terminal is a complex process, in which it is important not only to work through all the crucial aspects of the design, but to do this in the correct order and with the necessary interaction between these elements. All sections of a project are interconnected, but depending on the nature of the given situation or facility, certain demands, criteria or restrictions may come to the fore.

Everything starts with the idea, the initial concept. It is vital to understand in general terms what this new facility will look like – where it will be located, how it will work, and what its business model will be.

The next stage is technical development. A freight terminal is purpose-built to receive, store and despatch freight: the technologies used will define many of the terminal’s key parameters – how much area will be needed, and which individual installations will need to be situated within this area. This is one of the objectives of the project masterplan: all elements essential to the technological process must be optimally located on the site and in accordance with regulatory requirements. In turn, the nature of the site itself (for example, its area limits) can equally affect the technical aspects of the project.

Hydrotechnical facilities, wharves and quays are among the most capital-intensive elements of a terminal. At Morstroytechnology, we pay particularly close attention to choosing the right construction solutions.

Once the layout and configuration of the terminal have been decided, the internal power, communication and utilities networks can be drawn up, along with any additional sections.

Correct process integration and precise work at every stage is crucial to attaining the right result.