If the results of the preliminary design study are positive, and the investor takes the decision to build their facility, then the first thing they must do is to receive planning permission from the relevant federal government body. In the case of a port or a terminal, that body is Rosmorport.

For approval to be received, a document called a “Declaration of Intent to Invest in Construction” must be drafted. On one hand, this is a formality in the project planning process which is not strictly necessary for the investor, but on the other, without this declaration it will be impossible to cross the border into the territory of the sea port, to cooperate with the government when designing facilities that are federal property, and to coordinate the work of all sides involved in the investment process.

The success and speed with which this declaration can be approved by Rosmorport and the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot) depends on the quality of the work in preparing the declaration and the sections therein.

Over the past years, our specialists have drawn up numerous Declarations of Intent, and just as importantly, we are familiar with the procedures involved in securing their approval. We know what questions will arise from the experts at Rosmorport and Rosmorrechflot, and we know how to effectively respond to them.