The founder of the Company «Marine Construction and Technology» is an academician of the Academy of Transport A.F. Parfenov. His idea was to consolidate scientific, design and construction potential to create unique design solutions. Therefore the Company's main promoters became Trust «Sevzapmorgidrostroy» and Design Institute Lenmorniiproekt.  

The breakthrough in quality of design solutions was expected on the basis of involvement in design process of new researches and vivid personalities capable to propose nonstandard ideas and solutions. And these expectations were met. Realization of a number of interesting ideas in the nineties allowed to reduce considerably construction time and cost of the following projects:  

  • Oil Terminal in the Port of Vanino where a design and process solution using large diameter steel shells was applied for the first time in the Far East;

  • Timber Terminal construction in the Sea of Okhotsk offshore water in Siziman Bay. The construction was carried out in severe conditions of undeveloped shore;   

  • Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) where Single Point Moorings (SPM's) for oil loading to 100000 DW    tankers were used for the first time in Russia. A unique structure of anchors which were floating to facilitate transportation to erection site on the one hand, and self-submerged in seabed soil using vacuum effect on the other hand, was utilized to hold SPM.

In the period before 2005 the Company carried out activities creating temporary design teams in order to develop one-off and often unique projects, according to the idea laid down when the Company was establishing. Since 2006 the Company began a new stage of development due to transition to regular activities aimed to satisfy Customer demands for integrated professional design services. For this purpose the Company gathered a staff of high-class specialists who are recognized experts in their fields. Furthermore the integrity of design services is provided by well-established relations with professional designers and various design institutes, the successful experience of cooperation with whom was gained at the stage of temporary design teams.             

On a new cycle of its development the Company did not lose the initial idea of its foundation: problem solving by means of vivid solutions and taking into account various aspects (design, construction, operation, economic). Moreover, Morstroytechnology has strengthened its research base by attracting scientific potential of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. The Company top management along with design work is engaged in teaching activity in the University and thereby has a possibility to attract the best young staff to work in the Company.     

Thanks to new strategy the Company has significantly reinforced its positions in design market of fluvial and sea transport construction and at short notice has expanded the geography of designed projects: Murmansk, Novorossiysk, Ust-Luga, St. Petersburg, Kandalaksha, Kaliningrad, Far East and Amur Region. The Company actively attracts new orders and expands the geography of its activities.    

The main Company shareholders are its top managers. This promotes on-line decision making in case of need to adjust the strategy and development of one or another line of activity in order to ensure high quality standards and efficiency in Customer needs satisfaction.