Tanker terminals for the export of crude oil and petrochemical products have been one of the key development drivers for the Russian port sector in recent decades. Morstroytechnology’s specialists have been involved in the design and engineering of oil and gas terminals in Novorossiisk (KTK), St Petersburg (PNT), Primorsk, Tuapse, Sakhalin and many more.

The structure of exports in Russia is evolving, but in the medium and long term, tanker cargo will continue to play a vital role. A relatively new feature of the sector in Russia is growth in terminals for handling liquefied gases.

Morstroytechnology developed the project and working documentation for an LNG terminal at the port of Vysotsk, and our specialists designed and engineered the OTEKO terminal in the port of Taman, as well as the terminal complex for export of liquefied CO2 on the territory of the free port at Vanino.