At Morstroytechnology, we have an extensive and successful track record of designing and engineering logistics centres with all the necessary buildings and infrastructure, including transport access. However, our unique strength lies in our experience in working on industrial/logistics zones, a vital element in global transport networks, where freight-flows are consolidated to bring significant time and cost reductions in delivering seafreight containers to their intended destination.

We have in-depth knowledge of how to create the optimal configuration for a complex, how best to locate it in the specified geographical area, and most importantly how to organise the interaction of the different forms of transport involved: road, rail, sea and river.

We can also calculate the increase in freight-flow that a new logistics centre can achieve, and how to organise its operations in the most effective way for the client.

A recent example is the Yuzhnouralski transport and logistics complex, created to handle container traffic coming in by rail from China and Kazakhstan. The project involves a flexible, staged capacity development programme.

An inland port is a facility that uses familiar technologies for container handling, but is located far from the sea or river system, in a place convenient for the client. As a rule, inland ports consolidate cargoes from the whole region, thereby minimising the cost of transporting them to the sea-vessel.

Of course, every case will have its own specifics, but all possible combinations of required productivity parameters and external factors can be thoroughly assessed and considered by our engineers.