On 21 November 2019, as part of Transport Week, the award ceremony was held for the national Formula of Motion prize for outstanding achievement in the field of transport and transport logistics, established in 2014 by the Public Council of the Russian Ministry of Transport.

In the special nomination “For unique technological solutions and speed of construction”, the award went to the Delo group of companies with their construction project for the deep-water berth 38 in the NUTEP container terminal at the port of Novorossiisk. Construction of the sole deep-water container quay in Southern Russia was completed in the summer of 2019. According to figures from the Delo group, the terminal’s capacity has increased from 350,000 to 700,000 TEUs per annum. In 2019 it is planned to achieve a container throughput of over 400,000 TEUs.

Morstroytechnology drew up the project and working documentation for this facility, as well as conducting the design supervision. This berth is the first in Russian which will be able to dock container vessels of up to 10,000 TEU capacity.

The berth’s construction is unique, with the facility comprising an elevated structure 366.3m long by 113.2m wide. The quay surface is at 3m above sea-level, vehicle the level of the sea-floor at the quayside is 19m below sea-level. The piling foundation for the berth is made up of 1,200 piles 1,020mm in diameter, varying in length from 36m to 39m.

Transport links between the quay and the shore are provided by a bridging section, which extends the territory of the existing foundations of berth 39. This bridging section incorporates a ramp providing access for road vehicles onto the territory of the berth. The berth’s 4 hectare storage yard can hold up to 3,080 TEUs.

The design is set out in further detail here.

The Formula of Motion prize is committed to nurturing the development of transport infrastructure, to raising the level of transport services, and also to encouraging both state and commercial structures to address the transport sector’s most significant challenges.

The awards in the various categories go to the most important, large-scale and unique projects, such as the operations to transport and instal the support arches for the Crimea bridge, or the construction of facilities at the sea-port near the Sabetta settlement on the Yamal peninsula, including the creation of an approach channel for shipping in the Ob bay.