The Rostov branch of Glavgosexpertisa has examined the project documentation and results of the engineering survey for the reconstruction of berth 1 of the Sheskharis oil terminal at the seaport of Novorossiisk. The project incorporates the reconstruction of the berth’s system of mooring facilities. Approval was granted as a result of the examination of the documents.

The Sheskharis oil terminal, constructed in the Tsemes Bay on the coast of the Black Sea in 1964, is the final destination point for the oil pipelines of PJSC Transneft running from the oilfields of western Siberia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. The transshipment complex is located on the territory of the Novorossiisk sea-port, and is dedicated to the intake, storage and dispatch of oil and oil-based products for export, as well as supplying raw product to the petrochemical refineries of southern Russia.

The documentation drawn up by Morstroytechnology is one of the elements of a large-scale reconstruction programme for the sea- and land-based infrastructure of the transshipment complex, which began in 2012.