The volume of freight passing through the port of Murmansk is expected to increase. This means that the demand for collecting and recycling waste from the ships coming into dock will also increase.

In order to meet the growing demands on the environment in the region of the Murmansk transport hub, the Murmansk branch of Rosmorport has drawn up plans to construct and ecological complex.

Morstroytechnology has conducted the engineering surveys and draughted the project and cost-estimating documentation for this project.

The ecological complex is designed to take in, treat and recycle solid and liquid waste products.

It is proposed to locate the new facility on the existing territory and adjoining basin of berth 20, which is currently unused.

It is planned to implement the project in 3 stages:

  • construction embankment infrastructure and quay facilities;
  • organisation of receipt and transshipment of solid waste products from inbound vessels;
  • full development of the ecological complex with intense recycling of all types of shipping waste.

The ecological complex proposes to take in the following types of waste from vessels docking at the port of Murmansk:

  • oil-bearing waste water from bilges etc. - up to 62,000m3annually;
  • general waste water - up to 10,000m3annually;
  • oil-sludge - up to 10,000m3annually;
  • solid general waste - up to 3,000m3annually.