The VaninoTransUgol (VTU) terminal has despatched its first vessel to China using new technological port equipment. The second vessel is already being loaded as the equipment undergoes its commissioning work.

Morstroytechnology drew up the project and working documentation for the terminal, as well as carrying out design supervision for the project.

According to information from the Kolmar press office, the first bulk carrier ship ORIENTAL PEARL, 45,500 DWT, docked at Vanino on June 21. The coal loading was completed on July 1, and the vessel set sail for China with 38,500 tonnes of coal on board. A second bulk carrier of 42,500 DWT is currently being loaded at the VTU quay, also bound for China.

During the loading process, the port employees are conducting tests on the equipment, fine-tuning the conveyor systems, wagon-tipplers and automation systems. At the same time, checks are being run on the dust-suppression and aspiration systems, which prevent any harmful environmental effects from the coal.

The new coal loading complex has a design capacity of 12m tonnes per year. During the second phase (in service by 2023) the capacity will be increased to 24m tonnes per year.

The entry into service of the Vanino coal terminal will enable reductions in transport costs for both rail and sea freight from the coal fields in the south of Yakutia, and will make export of their production to countries in the Asia-Pacific region simpler and faster.

Further information on the JSC VaninoTransUgol project can be found here.