Construction of the new VaninoTransUgol' coal terminal was one of the main topics of the Eastern Economic Forum. As stated by Vaninotransugol's General Director Yuri Tyamushkin, a total of 37bln roubles will be invested in the facility.

Morstroytechnology drew up the design documentation for the entire terminal, along with the working documentation for some of the facilities therein. Design supervision of the construction works is ongoing.

The projected capacity once both phases enter service will be 24m tonnes per annum by 2023. Part of the construction work is already complete, with the railway station and auxiliary buildings in place. Construction of the terminals berth complex is nearing completion, with transporters and wagon-handling facilities undergoing installation. It is planned that the terminal will enter service in 2020.

This is not the first project of this scale and complexity to be built to our design. Our past projects include facilities for the Olympic Games at the Port of Sochi, a cruise and ferry terminal at Pionerskoye in the Kalinigrad region, coal terminals in Murmansk («Lavna»), and a terminal in the bay of Sukhodol in the Russian Far East.

However, each project is unique in its own way, and gives us pride in the work we have done.

The VaninoTransUgol’ terminal is one of the investment projects of the company Kolmar, which together with GOK Denisovsky and GOK Inaglinsky is an anchor resident of the Southern Yakutia Prospective Development Territory. Today the company has over 4500 employees, and by 2021 this figure will pass 9000.

Kolmar has proven coal reserves of over 1bln tonnes, the majority of which is rare grades of premium quality coking coal, highly valued by the metallurgical and coking industries. Between 60% and 70% of the company's production goes for export: K-grade (non-enriched coking coal), KZh-grade (enriched coking coal) and SS-grade coal for energy production. By 2021 the company's extraction and processing volumes should be in excess of 20mln tonnes per annum.

According to Anna Tsivilevaya, Chairman of the Board of Kolmar Group LLC, the companys objective is «to become no.1 in premium coking coal among the independent coal producers. We want to achieve very high results in terms of the extraction, processing and sales of our coal.»

Achieving this objective will undoubtedly be helped by the work of the company's own deep-water port in the bay of Muchka (the port of Vanino in the Khabarovsk region). From that time, the company's product will be delivered exclusively through their own port.