Morstroytechnology LLC was incorporated by the St Petersburg Registration Chamber on 16 September 1999.

At the time the company was founded, there was no Unified State Companies Registry, nor did the Federal Tax Service register companies. To tell the full story, the first Morstroytechnology was set up as far back as 1991, at the dawn of modern entrepreneurship in Russia, but as a result of the sweeping changes made to the countrys civil legislation, and the emergence of new organisational-legal structures, in 1999 it was decided to re-register the company. Therefore we consider 16 September 1999 to be our official «birthday», and we dont add any more years to our age.

We have existed on the maritime transport infrastructure design market for 20 years now – is that a lot, or a little? How can we measure our achievements and successes?

The first thing that comes to mind is the sheer quantity of the facilities we have designed and built. And that is something we can certainly be proud of! We are already talking about not tens of projects, but hundreds. The company's projects include all types of terminals – container and bulk, coal and mineral fertiliser, LNG and liquid CO2, rolling and general cargoes, universal and grain, as well as the «jewel in the crown» of all maritime ports – cruise terminals.

Geographically speaking, our projects cover the whole of Russia, from Kaliningrad to the Commander islands, and from Murmansk to Sochi.

The total annual output of the ports built to our designs has already passed 100m tonnes, and each year that figure increases significantly. Right now, the ports being built to our design have a total combined capacity of over 50m tonnes per annum.

An unarguable achievement of the company's 20 year history is the creation of a tightknit team of professionals. Whereas we started our business on the principle of putting together temporary project teams, we now have over 150 full-time employees who know and love their work. We are truly proud of our employees, and take great pleasure in their professional achievements and personal successes alike.

But perhaps the main yardstick by which the company's succes can be measure is the trust we have built up over the years. Trust from our clients, who choose no one else but us for the implementation of their investment projects. Trust from our subcontractors, who frequently don't even ask for a letter of guarantee before they start work, when an honest word will be enough. And it is the trust of our employees, who have pinned their future on the company, and who entrust their hopes and dreams to Morstroytechnology.

Thank you to everyone for working with us, we wish you success and happiness in your work with professionals. We won't let you down!