The project documentation for the construtction of a liquefied COterminal at the port of Vanino, drawn up by Morstroytechnology, has been granted approval by Russia's Glavgosexpertisa.

Morstroytechnology is general designer for the project, which included engineering survey work.

As reported by Glavgsexpertisa, once it comes fully online the terminal will have an annual capacity of approximately 2m tonnes.

The terminal itself is unique, with nothing else in Russia to rival it in terms of isothermic liquid CO2 storage. The total capacity of the terminal's reservoirs is around 60,000 tonnes.

The berthing facilities are of a unique design, and are designed to operate in severe sea-ice conditions.

The photographs below show liquid CO2 reservoirs at the Port of Tokyo, similar to those planned for Vanino.

Once it commences operations at its full design capacity, the terminal will be able to service approximately 50 vessels annually.

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