Morstroytechnology drafted the working documentation for the comprehensive repair work to Quay 16 for PJSC NMTP.

Quay 16 is an active facility, therefore the client made the decision to take it out of operation in stages, i.e. section by section. As a result, the port crane had to be transferred on rails from one of the old, original sections of the quay to the repaired part. To make matters more complicated, a 12m long dismantled stretch of the quay lay between the two sections.

Morstroytechnology’s engineers designed and specified a welded steel T-section beam tailor-made to cover the stretch in question and to withstand the weight of the crane. Regulatory requirements on load-bearing strength and allowable flex for the crane’s support structures were taken as the basis for the design calculations. The beam itself was designed to be non-permanent (used only for the transfer of the crane) with the intention that it be removed and used elsewhere for the ongoing repairs to the quay. The rear rail, which ran over a partially dismantled section, was strengthened with reinforced concrete.

This unique project was successfully completed with specialists present from Morstroytechnology, NMTP and the repair-contractor, NovorosTechFlot LLC.