We all have teachers who we remember for the rest of our lives. The Morstroytechnology team includes 18 colleagues who were taught by Mikhail Alexandrovich Kolosov at one time or another. His graduates make up a significant proportion of our hydrotechnical general plan department and bureau of chief engineers.

Doctor of Technical Science and Professor M.A. Kolosov is an expert in hydrotechnical construction with a wide range of scientific interests, with a teaching career spanning over four decades in some of the sector’s leading educational institutions –  the Leningrad Institiute of Water Transport, the State Institute of Water Communications, and the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping.

It so happened that Professor Kolosov visited our office on National Teacher’s Day as part of a working group on one of Morstroytechnology’s projects.

Mikhail Alexandrovich’s former pupils came together to congratulate him on his special day.