Taking part in the Ust-Luga Cup regatta is already turning into a fine old tradition for Morstroytechnology. This year was the seventh time that the regatta has been held, and the fifth with Morstroytechnology’s involvement.

2018’s Ust-Luga Cup regatta was the largest in the event’s history in terms of the number of participants, with 14 teams taking part. This year, the regatta’s route was Hanko – Helsinki – Tallinn, with additional races being staged in Hanko, on the gulfs of Helsinki and Tallinn, and around the island of Naissaar. The teams competed in three groups to help level the chances of participants given the different characteristics of the yachts taking part.

Once again, Morstroytechnology entered two yachts – the Premium and the Tuule. Last year, one of Morstroytechnology’s yachts was a sporting vessel with a sporting crew, while the other was a leisure yacht, which barely competed with the sporting yacht. For this year, both vessels were entered in the sporting division by decision of the organisers. The competition was intense, with no quarter asked or given, and we did our very best, but our rivals were stronger still. On the other hand, under such conditions third place represents a true sporting achievement, although we have no intention of consoling ourselves with this thought, and we will be preparing better for next year’s event.

And the main thing is that our teams received so much positive emotion from the regatta! There was tough and tense competition with worthy rivals, a chance to meet old friends, the hospitality of the Finnish and Estonian yacht-clubs and, of course, the sea, the sails and the breeze.

Here’s what our team members said about the 2018 Ust-Luga Cup:

The Ust-Luga Cup regatta is a unique corporate sporting event. An event that allows you to get closer to the elemental force of the water, to feel its full power, to experience the spirit of professional yacht racing, and to enjoy meeting new people. All in all – an unforgettable experience with unforgettable memories. I’d like to express my huge gratitude to the organisers, to everyone who participated, and to the company for enabling me to take part in the event!

Philipp Apushkin, sheet trimmer

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the 2018 Ust-Luga Cup. During the regatta our team, drawn from different departments, came together and became a single whole, something that will undoubtedly reflect positively on our work together going forward. I can’t wait for the next regatta, and for the next chance to set sail and test my strength once again.

Dmitry Grigoriev, sheet trimmer

With each passing year, the regatta is becoming more of a sporting event than a corporate one. Very happy to see new teams appearing, and very happy to see new routes and events between the main races. This year the hospitality of the Estonian team on their home turf was a very pleasant surprise.

Mikhail Subbotin, mainsheet trimmer

How can I put the indescribable into words?
It would sound so banal.
Kogda stremitel’ny polet,
I grot eshche ne rvanny,
Togda vostorg – vzakhleb,
I serdtsa ritm, tochno ne divanny.
When you’re flying high,
And the mainsail holds firm,
Then delight fills the sky,
And your heart’s rhythm burns.
Good fun, in good company – what more can you ask for?

Vyacheslav Rybalko, mainsheet trimmer

Come and sail on a yacht, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. And then we set sail – and I didn’t understand a thing! The skipper said 12 words, I only understood two: «HANDS» and «OFF»! We even thought of making that the name of the team. But joking aside, at the Ust-Luga Cup everything was superb!

Alexandr Nikolaevsky, pit

On the transit from Helsinki to Tallinn, the worst weather coincided with the longest stage. Towards the end, when your frozen hands can no longer grip the ropes and the wet sails can’t be dragged over the deck, you realize that deep within you the opposing urges to fein seasickness and to carry out the commands of the skipper are locked in conflict. It was just as well that the rest of the regatta took place in mild sunny weather, but even better that there was that one day where we got soaked to the skin.

Yaroslav Spassky, mastman

Yachting rules!

Denis Kreknin, pianist

– Why don’t you let girls on the team?
– Next time, bring us back the biggest «vase» of all!

The girls of Morstroytechnology