Morstroytechnology worked in collaboration with PI Petrokhim-Tekhnologia LLC (St Petersburg, Russia) and the Academy of Water Transport and Engineering Sciences (Tianjin City, China) on assessing technologies to reduce the impact of coal dust on the environment. The specialists identified radical (capital) and partial (operational) technologies.

Radical (capital) technologies include:

  • A transport system for end-to-end transportation of coal to the ship's holds in closed containers;
  • Specialized coal terminals with covered dome-shaped and arched warehouses;
  • Dustproof screens.

Partial (operational) dust prevention methods include:

  • Coal treatment with special solutions before shipping;
  • Water irrigation of coal piles and dusty places of open coal transshipment;
  • Regular dust removal from the territory and regular cleaning of workstations.

Dustproof screens are effective for high-power and large territory terminals.