The reconstruction of bulwark type berth facilities is a pressing issue due to the growing number of berths that do not meet modern requirements. These facilities have often also exceeded their design services live and are in an advanced state of dilapidation. Typical methods for reconstructing a bulwark facility include:

  • Building an additional rim in front of the existing berth facility;
  • Construction of additional screening elements;
  • Construction of additional unloading elements;
  • Soil stabilization.scientific research 11

It is widely known that to this point the method of reconstructing berth facilities by soil stabilization has not been widely used in Russian construction practice. Nevertheless, in certain cases this method is the only rational way of restoring the integrity of the structure.

This method has the following advantages:

  • Work is carried out without interruption to the facilities’ regular operation;
  • The operating water area is not constrained;
  • No work on relaying of crane and railway tracks, engineering networks or other berth equipment is necessary;
  • No submerged structural components in the "body" of the berth are required;
  • The method achieves a significant and fundamental change in the stress-strain state (unloading of the main load-bearing elements, such as the front wall and anchor elements).

Morstroytechnology conducts work in the field of soil anchoring technologies first introduced in hydraulic construction in Russia.