Our worldwide experience of operating hydrotechnical facilities has shown that achieving reliability, safety and optimal effectiveness is impossible without modern control and troubleshooting tools. The multi-touch monitoring system over the grooved pier sidewall uses a series of rods anchored by tension.

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A multi-sensor system for monitoring stresses on the anchor bars holding the frontal piling wall of the berths was designed for the berths of the Baltic Metallurgical Terminal at the port of Ust-Luga

Monitoring is achieved through the constant measurement of the pulling forces in the anchor rods during operation, with the measuring units located at the point of the rods fixing to the wall.

This method offers the following advantages:

  • Prompt troubleshooting;
  • Automatic data handling and compression and timing of readings, enabling detection of destabilizing factors and analysis of their effect on the facility;
  • Option for automatic coordination with the port safety system.

Monitoring results increases the effectiveness of the berths’ technical inspections and certification procedures.