Sediment-covered territory of the cargo area of the port of Sochi at the mouth of the river Mzymta

  • Site area: 4.7 hectares
  • Customer: Sochi Imeretinsky Port LLC
  • Project schedule: February – July 2009



Bronka Multifunctional Sea Transshipment Port

  • Site area: 70 hectares
  • Customer: Feniks LLC
  • Project schedule: September 2013 – April  2014 



Field works 

  • Visual and technical control over the process of land reclamation
  • Geodetic control over precipitation on the territory and depth marking
  • Static probing
  • Rotational cut test

Laboratory tests

  • Engineering and geological surveys
  • Drill probing

Feasibility calculations

  • Calculation of stripped layer thickness
  • Calculation of base sediment
  • Calculation of time to consolidate