General Customer: FGUP Rosmorport

Customer: OAO Building Office-919

Performance time: 2008-2009

In accordance with Stringent Regulations the Port of Visotsk receives and accommodates vessels not exceeding the following dimensions:

  • length 195m;
  • draft 9.3m.

After reconstruction of the Berths Nos 1-4, moles heads in the harbor waters and dredging of water area and Approach Channel, the Commercial Sea Port of Visotsk can receive the bulk carriers of:

  • length 178m;
  • breadth 28m;
  • draft 10.5m.

Design seabed level in the Channel straight and adjacent berth water area will be of 12.7 m. The Channel width is 105 m (in the moles heads area is 133.5 m).    

The reconstruction of the Approach Channel and adjacent water area is carried out as a whole and includes the reconstruction of navigation aids.  

According to simulation data the design dimensions of the Approach Channel  and adjacent water area of the berths Nos 1-4  allow to receive, with certain wind limits and provided tug service, target bulk carriers with the following dimensions:    

  • length 199.95 m;
  • breadth 32.2m.