Investor: To be determined by tender

Client: Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot)

Developer: FSUE Rosmorport

Project schedule: 2015 – ...

Project brief

As part of the federal target programme "Development of Russia’s transport system 2010-2020”, the Federal Agency for Sea and River Transport and FSUE Rosmorport are implementing a project to build an international terminal to serve cruise ships and mixed cargo/passenger vessels in the Kaliningrad region.

Work completed to date:

  • Pre-design studies
  • Project design documentation
  • An investor is currently being selected and the construction tender is ongoing.

Main port complex characteristics

 Purpose of the teminal:

  • Docking and servicing of cruise vessels
  • Docking and servicing of car/passenger ferries
  • Russian state border and customs services for people and vehicles 

Cruise shipping

  • Navigation season length: 5 months (150 days)
  • Estimated passenger turnover: over 225,000 passengers per year
  • Vessel turnover: 110 vessels per season
  • Average passenger numbers per vessel: 2060.

Ferry shipping

  • Navigation season length: 12 months (365 days)
  • Estimated passenger turnover: over 77,800 passengers per year
  • Vessel turnover: 204 vessels per year
  • Average passenger numbers for the maximum design vessel: 380
  • Freight turnover: not fewer than 80,000 units of cargo per year.

Main facilities of the terminal

  • Dredging of the water area around the terminal to -10.9m below sea-level, dredging volume: 1,252,450m3
  • Flushing of the terminal territory (IZU1: 34,220m2)
  • Fencing (total length: 765m)
  • Berths (quay wall length: 725m)
  • Passenger checkpoint
  • Total construction volume: 57,400m3
  • Construction area: 5,200m2
  • Total building area: 14,600m2
  • Auxiliary buildings and structures

Key features of the project

Construction of the port is planned in the city of Pionersky. To the south, the region borders with Poland, to the north and east - with Lithuania, and to the west it is washed by the waters of the Baltic Sea. The geographical location provides a unique opportunity to put together an extensive network of destinations for cruise and cargo/passenger services. All Baltic Sea cruise routes run along the coast of the Kaliningrad region, and due to its cultural significance and number of tourist attractions, Kaliningrad can take its rightful place in terms of ship visits among the ports of the Baltic Sea. The main facilities to be constructed are berths for receiving cruise liners and car/passenger ferries. The terminal will be equipped with all the required infrastructure facilities: wave surge protection structures, waiting and cargo areas, a state border checkpoint for passengers and freight transport, and a customs control point.

Simulation of the terminal

Border checkpoint architectural concept

General view of the terminal
Border checkpoint
Passenger and vehicle service area


Future concept - layout of the marina

Marina with hotel
Small vessel mooring facilities
Marina water area


Development of project design documentation completed

Approvals received

An investor is currently being selected and preparation for construction work is ongoing