Investor: Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)

Client: Murmansk Commercial Sea Port JSC

Project schedule: 2016-2019

Project brief

The objective of the work is to draw up project design documentation for the construction of dust and wind protection screens designed to reduce wind generation in storage areas and to minimize the risk of suspended particles spreading beyond the territory of the port.

Work completed to date:

  • Pre-design studies
  • Mathematical modeling to optimize the placement and parameters of dust and wind protection screens
  • Design documentation for construction stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Working documentation for design facilities
  • Assistance during the expertise approval process

Main project characteristics

Total length of the dust screens: 1896m

Foundation width: 3.5m

Dust screen height: 20m

  • Stage 1 - 568m dust screen
  • Stage 2 - 626m dust screen
  • Stage 3 - 702m dust screen.

Key features of the project

Installing dust screens is an effective technology, but still a new one for Russia. Screens suppress wind force, which is the main cause of dust creation. Walls, especially corrugated ones, serve to reduce air flow speed. Installation of protective screens also prevents wind erosion.

Murmansk Commercial Sea Port JSC is the largest stevedoring company in the Russian Arctic. The port is located in the non-freezing basin of ​​the Kola Bay in the Barents Sea, providing a year-round connection with the most important logistics centres around the world, and it handles over 16 million tonnes of various cargoes annually. The company is a socially responsible enterprise: it introduces the best available technologies in the field of transport logistics and environmental management, and takes an active part in supporting and implementing projects of social significance.

According to the results of the modeling carried out by Morstroytechnology, after the installation of dust screens, the threat of wind erosion will be reduced by 87-90%.

The construction of screens is an architecturally significant project for the city. To develop the design of the screens, Murmansk Commercial Sea Port JSC organized a project competition together with the Murmansk Arctic Humanitarian University (MASU), with the participation of leading designers of both the Murmansk region and other regions of the Russian Federation. The winner was the concept proposed by specialists from the S.G. Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry. In their design, the bright colours of the screen are a symbol of the northern lights. The scale of the structure and its striking appearance make it possible to consider the wall as a new urban architectural feature.

Mathematical modeling of the influence of the dust screens

Project design options


Draughting of project design and working documentation.

Expertise approvals for construction stages 1, 2 and 3 received.

Photograph of the completed facility