Project schedule: 2016 – 2017

Project brief

The projected berth 38 will be operated as part of the NUTEP LLC container terminal (hereinafter referred to as the terminal) on the territory of the Southeastern cargo area of ​​the Novorossiysk port currently under construction.

 Purpose of the terminal:

 transshipment of large-capacity containers from sea transport (container ships) to rail or road transport and vice versa;

groupage/de-groupage of transport batches of containers, temporary storage in open storage areas and intra-terminal handling;

providing clients with information, forwarding, customs and other services for the purpose of timely and high-quality movement of cargo (goods) from the consignor to the consignee.

Work completed to date:

– Pre-design studies

– Project design documentation

– Working documentation

– Design supervision

 Main port complex characteristics

The berth is designed to service SK-8000-type container ships (length = 316m, beam = 45m, draft - 12.7m). Transport connection between berth and shore is provided by a connecting section which extends the territory of the existing embankment reinforcements of berth 39. There is a ramp on the connecting section for vehicular access to the berth. The mooring bollard is designed to be compatible with the mooring ropes of the SK-8000 vessel type.

 The berth’s construction is unique, with the facility comprising an elevated structure 366.3m long by 113.2m wide. The quay surface is at 3m above sea-level, the level of the sea-floor at the quayside is 19m below sea-level. The piling foundation for the berth is made up of 1,200 piles 1,020mm in diameter, varying in length from 36m to 39m.

The berth is designed for the following main operating loads:

– category "0-k" operating loads;

– non-rail transport: RS (reachstacker) with a 1100 kN maximum front axle loading;

– 3 STS container cranes;

– 4 wheeled RTG mobile gantry cranes;

– stored containers in five tiers.

The estimated seismicity level of the construction site is 9 points. Vessel loading and unloading operations are carried out by quayside container handlers on port tractor-units with trailers, which in turn distribute containers to the rear storage areas of the terminal. The rear area of ​​the berth incorporates an open storage area equipped with RTG-type mobile pneumatic gantry cranes, for short-term storage of ship-bound consignments of import and export containers.

 All crane equipment is electrically powered, helping to reduce environmental impact and container-handling costs.

Key features of the project

Currently, a significant part of the port infrastructure has been completed, in accordance with the project documentation “Port of Novorossiysk. YUVGR. Adjustment of the general development plan "(LLC PF" Promterproekt ", 2009, Glavgosexpertisa of Russia approval No. 268-10 / GGE - 65/04 dated 09.04.2010). However, given the global trend towards the use of larger vessels on container lines, in order to ensure the competitiveness of the container transshipment complex under construction, the client took the decision to increase the maximum (design) vessel for berth 38 from SK-4000 to SK-8000.

As a result of the change to the design vessel, new technological solutions have been developed taking into account the revised operational length of the berth. New technical parameters for the equipment on the sea cargo front have been chosen, along with new vessel handling regulations. 

In this way, the projected berth 38 and the storage areas located on its elevated section are seen as an integral part of a single operating complex, technologically connected with the existing infrastructure within the port, which is necessary and sufficient to ensure the specified capacity and operational safety.

Terminal layout and technical characteristics
General layout and basic parameters of the terminal Terminal simulation
Technical equipment

Berth construction - result

– Project design documentation draughted

– Glavgosexpertisa approval granted

– Working documentation draughted

– Construction work ongoing