Investor: Cryogas-Vysotsk LLC

Client: CJSC "CryoGas"

Project schedule: 2013 - 2019

Project brief

Construction of a specialized terminal for the production and transshipment of LNG in the port of Vysotsk. Production capacity – 660,000 t per year.

 Work completed to date:

- Pre-design studies

- Project design documentation for stage 1 and individual facilities for stage 3

- Working documentation for project design facilities 

- Design supervision

 Main port complex characteristics

Throughput capacity: 660,000t per year (80t per hour)

Storage capacity: 42,000m3

Provision for shipping LNG using bunkering tankers

Design vessel - LNG carrier, displacement 20,950t

LNG loading jetty:

– length: 235m

– design depth: 9.4m

 Berth for loading LNG onto bunkering tankers and mooring of auxiliary vessels:

– length: 180m

– design depth: 9 m

Key features of the project

Within the scope of the project, construction stage 1 has been allocated, which is necessary to allow the receipt of technical modules and equipment for the construction of the LNG terminal.

Stage 1 incorporates the layout of the terminal, preparation work for the storage area, administrative building, covered warehouse, engineering infrastructure, a berth for receiving heavy cargo, and fencing for the entire complex.

Forward-looking design work during stage 1 enables the construction of the terminal to be expanded, and provides for delivery of equipment and building materials.

In the future, the stage 1 berth can be used for bunkering and auxiliary fleet mooring.

Model of construction stage 1

General view of stage 1 terminal


Berth for docking of large vessels and technical equipment


Covered warehouse and entrance complex

Progress of construction work


Approach road


Berth construction


Storage of construction materials for berth


Covered warehouse construction 


Construction of the facility is complete and preparation for the facility’s commissioning is ongoing.