Corporate Development Director, Ph.D. (Economics)

Sergey A. Semenov is Ph.D. in Economics, Corporate Development Director of engineering company «Morstroytechnology» Co. Ltd., manages Conceptual and Economic Developments in the field of transport.   

Sergey Semenov is engaged in design activity for more than 15 years. He launched his career as a programmer and then managed a department in the Design Institute Lenmorniiproekt charged with elaboration of Process and Process Economics Designs. Later he took a position as a Director for Production Scheduling and Engineering and coordinated activities of production departments and Project Managers of Lenmorniiproekt.

Sergey Semenov is a known expert in the field of transport thanks to that he was ideologue and manager of a large number of port development conceptual projects such as: Port Development Master Plans, Development Master Plan of Transport/Technological Port Complexesin the Gulf of Finland, Development Schemes of Russian Sea Ports (North-West Region), Regional Development Plan of Saint Petersburg (Sea Transport Part), Development Concept of Bronka-Lomonosov Zone as a Transport/Logistic Hub, Study of Financial Feasibility for Recovery of Passenger Traffic along the Coast of the Krasnodar Territory.       

He made assessments of efficiency of a large number of port construction projects (including Ports of St. Petersburg, Primorsk, Ust-Luga, Murmansk, Novorossiisk), as well as managed transport market research and cargo flow forecasts. He has more than 25 scientific papers, as well as good contacts with European research institutes (in particular with German Insitut fuer Seeverkehrswirtschaft und Logistik).       

Thanks to his authority Mr. Semenov so far is one of the experts most mentioned in Internet in relation to both Lenmorniiproekt and Morstroytechnology.

«I like that lately appeared a tendency when strategic studies in the field of transport are carried out by teams of different companies and not by certain companies (though with large number of Subcontractors). Such staffs permit to improve quality of work and offer an opportunity for multifaceted case study. In our project business everything reposes on concrete specialists, not on companies».