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Alexander Goloviznin Director, Logistics and Analytical Research

On April,2, Morstroytechnology’s representative gave a lecture for students through the seminar “Window to Europe: Maritime Logistics”

The seminar was managed by ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) - a local group in Saint Petersburg.  The theme of the cycle of lectures 2012-2013 is "Green Supply Chain". The seminar performed in Saint Petersburg was named "Window to Europe: Maritime Logistics".

The Morstroytechnology's expert gave a lecture "Development of the Russian Seaport Infrastructure". Attention was mainly focused on long-term changes in the logistics and transport industry.  

The speaker provided figures that show that starting from 1995 the volume of cargo flows to seaports and transshipment of export-import was twice as much compared to the Soviet period. What's more, the structure of the country's whole transport system changed.  

The lecture includes a detailed overview of the ports in the Baltic, Arctic, Black Sea, and Far East basins with analysis of completed and future projects.  

The lecture was given in English. Students expressed their thanks for the deep analysis and original data.

The presentation of the lecture is placed in section "Publications".