Mostroytechnology is a modern engineering company rendering design and consulting services in the following basic fields:

•· Feasibility and Marketing Studies for transport operators development;

•· Design of all-purpose and specialized terminals, including port and off-port container terminals;

•· Design of transport and storage facilities;

•· Design and optimization of hydraulic structures;

•· Business planning and Master Plan development;

•· Preparation of tender documentation for contract award. 

Competencies and Preferences  

1. Professionals and Individuals

•·Specialists famous and competent in their fields work with the Company.

•·The Company has long, close and well-established relations with professional designers and various design institutes.    

2. Mastership. Knowledge and skills where we are strong above all:  

•·Design of hydraulic structures, ability to arrive at technically beautiful, original and cost effective solution intended for Customer's construction and operating costs reduction;    

•·Knowledge of container handling and storage technologies;

•·Knowledge of storage handling complex economy;

•·Knowledge of transport market.

3. Differences. This differs us from other companies:

•·Primary attention to economics of a project;

•·Flexibility and understanding with the Customer;

•· Fresh and original solutions;

•·Meeting of deadlines;

•·Nobad bureaucracy;

•· Modern materials and technologies both port and special;

•· Solutions which specially and purposively make cheaper further construction and operation of facilities;

•· Convenience for other partners working for our Customer.