Pre-design Study of Development Scenarios of South-Eastern Cargo Handling Area of the Port of Novorossiysk

General Customer:
Customer:Nodal Transporting and Forwarding Company of Novorossiysk
Performance time:2006-2007


Work Performance Background
The analysis of existing terminal (NUTEP) development projects has revealed a set of factors limiting the further development, such as: excessive berthage with existing lack of storage area, arc-shaped location of railway fleet across the storage area wherein the possibility of the container terminal capacity increase is minimal.

At the same time, the market environment is favorable for attraction of new container cargo flows to the port, which rouse a question about the terminal expansion possibilities.

Project Target
Elaboration of competitive design solutions for the container terminal development.

Scope of Work
The work represents 4 scenarios of the container terminal development which consider possible limitations when using the lands of the third-party organizations for creation of additional areas, as well as for location of the terminal railway and road infrastructure and provide for achievement of the terminal different capacity levels.

In the course of the project development the following problems have been solved:

  • competitive environment and perspective cargo base analysis was performed;
  • design solution alternatives were developed for railway fleet formation, which in combination with creation of additional storage areas allow to increase the terminal capacity up to 500-750 thousand TEU per year;
  • design solutions for grade separated interchanges and junctions to federal highway M4 "Don" were presented;
  • capacities of the terminal main technological elements were determined; selection of alternatives for container handling mechanization, Layout Diagrams, Terminal DevelopmentGeneral Plan considering its potential competitiveness and maximum economic efficiency were justified.

The developed scenarios allowed to select an optimum terminal development strategy on the basis of technical and economical criteria, make long-term predictions of the container market and develop plan of actions to eliminate the most critical limitations for development without interruption of the terminal operation. At the present time certain terminal facilities are being designed.