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Alexander Goloviznin Director, Logistics and Analytical Research

Morstroytechnology suggests efficient solutions for Arctic projects

Sergey Semenov told about engineering design of marine structures in Arctic at the 10th Annual Russia Offshore Conference, which took place in Moscow at 3-4 of March.

Russia Offshore Conference is the leading platform for building partnerships for LNG and offshore projects across Russia. 10th Annual Conference attracted more than 350 delegates from oil and gas industry, and covered every currently developing offshore project in the Russian Federation.Sergey Semenov

Sergey Semenov told the audience about specific aspects of engineering design and construction of marine structures in Arctic conditions.

Morstroytechnology projects in Arctic include Salmanovskoye field, port Sabetta, Seyaha, production island in the Gulf of Ob, logistic infrastructure in Arctic rivers and others.

Morstroytechnology developed modern probabilistic forecasting methods
to define ice conditions and calculate ice loads on marine structures.

Methods of calculation of ice parameters and ice loads on hydraulic structures developed by Morstroytechnology are approved by “B.E. Vedeneev VNIIG”, JSC, which is entitled to define standards of  ice loads calculation in Russia.

To solve the problem of ice formation in water of Sabetta port, Morstroytechnology suggested to build a special ice melting ship. The ship helps to clean the water area from ice by melting. A short video presentation of the ship (in Russian) is available on our web-site.

Presentation for the report of Sergey Semenov at Russia Offshore Conference is available for download.