Olympic object - the Cargo area of port of Sochi, has received the conclusion of State Expertise

November, 21st 2008, the positive decision of Public Expertise has been received under the project «Creation of cargo area of port of Sochi with creation of a coastal infrastructure in a mouth of the river Mzymta with the further reprofiling in a yachting infrastructure».

Cargo area in a mouth of the river of Mzymta will have 8 specialized moorings: 1, 2 and 3 - for handling of general cargoes; 4 and 5 - for cement reception; 6, 7 and 8 moorings - for handling of bulk cargoes. Volume of transshipment will be to 5 million tones. Design depth near moorings and on internal water area - 9,2 m.

Basic layout solutions and hydraulic engineering constructions are performs taking into account a condition of the further reprofiling of port for reception of yachts and sports courts of small size with length from 25 to 150 foots.

Now the project is at a building stage. Complex building is provided by the Program of building of Olympic objects and Federal target program for development of the city of Sochi as a mountain-climate resort.