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Alexander Goloviznin Director, Logistics and Analytical Research

New stage of the railway carriage of oil – interview with Sofya Katkova in Baltic Transport Journal

On 18th December, 2012, the Federal Tariff Service issued Ordinance N 398.t/3 g. "On Adoption of the Rules and Conditions of Application (Establishment, Amendment) of the Tariff Level on the Railway Cargo Transport Services within Price Brackets (the maximum and minimum levels)". The document may, and surely will, have a serious impact on the economy of many industries. Although rare specialists, including those to be affected by the changes very soon, understand this.

This is the subject of the interview with Sofya Katkova, project manager at Morstroytechnologies, an engineering company specializing in research and design projects in the field of maritime transport. The article based on this interview was published in the 3rd issue of Baltic Transport Journal, 2013.

The article is available in the section Publications.