Chief Project Engineer

Vjacheslav G. Rybalko

Chief Project Engineer


In 1975 was graduated from Leningrad Institute of Water Transport (LIWT) with a degree "hydraulic engineer-constructor".

Since graduating to 1979 had worked as a foreman's assistant, and then as a foreman.

In 1979 Vjacheslav Rybalko began working in Lenmorniiproekt, where he had worked as an assistant head of hydraulic structures department during 10 years and as a chief project engineer during 4 years.

Besides, he had worked during 10 years in different hydraulic companies where he had managed of design and engineering documentation development.

Since 2009 has been working in the company "Morstroytechnology".

"The main reason I changed my previous work to the working in "Morstroytechnology" is colossal energy of creative collective, that inspire by it purpose."